Clive Head has exhibited internationally for over 25 years. His earlier work, often incorrectly labelled as Photo-Realist, depicted urban cityscapes but often involved complex multiple view points. This phase of Clive’s career culminated in a major monograph by Michael Paraskos and the rare honour of a solo exhibition at the National Gallery in London. During the 2010’s Clive’s work saw a major development towards more layered and painterly compositions, although his work was still routed in contemporary realism. Clive began to make figures more central to his compositions, often overlapping images of sitters in exploratory drawings to reveal new truths and imagery. Although Clive’s work has a clear and unique identity, he is acutely aware of art history. His admiration for the great history painters, as well as more contemporary figures such as Willem De Kooning and Juan Gris, all informed (rather than dictate) his practice. Clive lives and works in North Yorkshire.