Commissioning an artist to produce a unique work specific to you can be a rewarding experience. For many collectors, it can lead to a greater understanding of an artist's work, a closer relationship to the artist and the finished artwork. A number of our artists are willing to carry out commissions for our clients and at Portland Gallery, we are more than happy to act as intermediaries in the process. For specific requirements and requests, please contact the gallery and we can discuss the process in more detail. We will be able to outline fees, discuss subject matter and how long the process might take. Below, we outline three very different Portland Gallery artists and the commission work they do.

  • Nick Botting

    Nick Botting

    Nick Botting’s ability to capture the essence of both people and places directly from life has led him to undertake numerous private and public commissions. Nick has painted conventional portraits and specific landscape views for clients, but has also undertaken more universal subjects including a depiction of Wembley Stadium for the Football Association. His paintings often feature busy social scenes which makes him perfectly qualified to capture specific occasions or events, or larger scale group portraits.


    Client Testimonial:

    I wanted to give my wife a painting for her birthday of a memorable view of New York.  We liked Nick’s work and so I asked the Portland Gallery if I could commission Nick to paint the scene for me.  What I was especially pleased with was that Nick, working only from a photo I had provided, was able to capture the feelings and emotions that the view meant to us.  Communicating via the gallery, Nick took on board the aspects of my memories of the subject and incorporated these into the painting.  My wife was absolutely delighted with the painting and said it had captured it perfectly.

  • Martyn Brewster

    Martyn Brewster

    Martyn Brewster held his first major solo exhibition of studio work at Portland Gallery this summer, but in the past he has undertaken a number of private commissions for clients. Working largely in acrylic, his abstracted landscapes, often inspired by his experience of living on the Dorset coast, have proved enduringly popular to clients looking to commission a bespoke abstract work for their home or office. Martyn will typically produce a small series of A5 studies initially for clients to review prior to commissioning. He is equally at home on large or small scales.

  • Peter Clark

    Peter Clark

    Peter Clark’s collage work is instantly recognisable. Peter has held five solo exhibitions at Portland Gallery and in between these periods he regularly carries out commission work on behalf of our clients. His ability to conjure likenesses of familiar animals and objects is uncanny; but every commission, however personal to the client, retains Peter’s characteristic wit and charm. The choice of printed matter used to make the collages is very carefully considered and can be used to further personalise commissioned works.