British Sculpture: 20th & 21st Century Art


Portland Gallery is thrilled to present a mixed exhibition of British sculpture this summer. From small domestic pieces to large outdoor works, our show blends contemporary sculpture, with works by Philip Jackson, Paul Rafferty and David Williams-Ellis, alongside mid-century pieces including works by Dame Elisabeth Frink, Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick and other notable artists.


Lynn Chadwick ∙ Marzia Colonna ∙ Norman Dilworth ∙ Dame Elisabeth Frink ∙ Philip Jackson ∙ Eric Kennington ∙ Jonathan Kenworthy ∙ Denis Mitchell ∙ Henry Moore ∙ Paul Mount ∙ Paul Rafferty ∙ Peter Randall-Page ∙ Sir William Reid Dick ∙ Jess Wallace ∙ David Williams-Ellis


For a list of available works or for more information, please email