Archie Forrest: New Works


In 1990, we held our first Archie Forrest exhibition. Since then his paintings have gone from strength to strength, bringing joy to collectors worldwide. We are delighted to now be holding our twelfth Forrest solo exhibition. 

Featuring over sixty works of eclectic interiors, serene coasts and explorations of portraiture, our show highlights the artist’s consistent talent for capturing colour and creating texture. He builds layers of oil paint on his canvases and often reworks his paintings when they are framed; he gains critical distance and will return regularly to works, continually editing and refining. Forrest’s use of broad and angular marks is reminiscent of Cezanne while his vibrant colours place him in the legacy of the Scottish Colourists like Peploe and Cadell whom he greatly reveres.

For the first time we will also have a selection of works on paper where Forrest employs minimalist charcoal lines to capture his still life subjects.


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